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Settling In

We have been in Haiti for one week.  We have mastered two 4.7 aftershocks, public transportation, 5 days volunteering with a mobile clinic, a new job, and tent living.  To say our nerves and determination to stay here have been tested would definitely be an understatement, but just when we think we have had enough Haiti reveals its inner beauty to us again and the addiction to this place and its people continues.

The love and support our Haitian family extends to us daily keeps us going and helps us deal with the stress our uncertain future here causes.  The main questions to be answered: where will we live long term?  How will we get around?  How can we afford the above? Can I (Jillian) find a job?  Monday morning we will begin the search for all these things and we are trying our best to remain undaunted.

The bond the earthquake has created with the people who experienced it is stronger than we expected.  We have received great comfort from the calm and sense of understanding we feel in the presence of other survivors.  Two of those survivors are Ben and Alexis Depp who have generously let us move in with them until we get on our feet. Their home has provided us with a haven to work through our emotions openly without judgment.  They personally have been a great sounding board for us as we try to figure out our next move.

Tonight we have two bottles of wine, homemade carrot-ginger soup, and a movie on the agenda.  Wish you all were here!

The Depp's House

Our tent on the patio

Home Sweet Home!


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Home at last

Just a quick post with the first picture from here.  Jillian with her old staff…Jeanba, Jean Marie, Milo, and Franz.  Milo was the one that found Jillian in the rubble and started the digging.  It was a pretty great reunion, they really love her, and she really loves them.  You can even see the tears in Jean Marie’s eyes (he’s such a sap).  This is exactly why we are here in Haiti, because of these people.

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Going Home

5 weeks ago we survived the earthquake in Haiti. We came back to our families in the United States to reorganize and heal our lives.  Tomorrow we return home.

The past few weeks have been tumultuous.  At times we have felt that the earthquake was the easy part.  When you’re trapped in the rubble of your building everything is black and white, live or die, but everyday life is gray.  We are heading down tomorrow, Sunday the 21st, to restart our lives in Haiti.  We’re nervous, really nervous.  We woke up this morning and the first thing we asked ourselves is where we are going to get food.  That’s a great question…one we don’t have an answer to.

We are charging forward into the unknown armed with one job between the two of us and 5 pieces of luggage carrying, for the most part, the only things we own.  Why are we doing this? Well, we made a commitment over 6 months ago to leave the luxuries of the US for the harsh reality of Haiti’s poverty.  What we ended up finding is a new home and an all consuming love for everything Haitian. So naturally a 7.0 earthquake could not scare us away.

Our alarm will go off at 3:00 am tomorrow, so we can catch the 6:00 am flight from National Airport in Washington, DC to JFK only to then catch the 9:30 am flight from JFK to Port-au-Prince, Haiti.  We should be back in the glorious Haitian sun by 2:00 pm tomorrow.

Our future may be uncertain, but one thing we know is we are back on our own two feet today because of the countless family members and friends who gave pieces of themselves in order to make us whole.  Whether it was financial, a big hug, a shoulder to cry on, a prayer, or unyielding support and encouragement, none of it has gone unnoticed.  We are where we are today because of you.  We thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

In Haiti a goat path is a “road” of unspeakable terrain from mountain sides to SUV sized pot holes and they are everywhere.  They are the unknown routes Haitian take to get from one place to another quicker.  If you choose to take one there is no way to know how many bruises you may receive or even if the car can make it, but in the end you are always happy you took it as you were able to avoid the traffic and get to your desired destination sooner.  We have decided to take a goat path and one with no end destination in sight, but we are positive this is the right path for us.  This blog will cover the ups and downs of our goat path from here on out. Welcome!

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