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Well everyone, the day has come for Jillian and I to go off on our own.  On Saturday we moved into our new ti kay (small house in Kreyol), and while we came to Haiti with a relatively small amount of stuff, in the past month we’ve already accumulated enough to make moving a day-long event.

Since we don’t have a car, the alternative was to use creativity and ingenuity.  Thankfully, Ben and Alexis, who we’ve been staying with for the past month, have both of those things.  Ben has created two pretty awesome cargo bikes out of old bikes that he had laying around.

Our new house is actually right around the corner from theirs, so these bikes turned out to be the perfect way to get our stuff there.  Ben loaded them up with all the stuff the tires could hold, and we jumped on.

Above is the Kabrit, which is Kreyol for goat.  The larger bike with the yellow bag on it is named the Cheval, which is Kreyol for horse.  I was pretty stunned at how much weight they could carry.  On the back of the Kabrit is a 70 pound case with satellite equipment in it. On the back of the Cheval is a bag carrying about the same amount of weight, plus two baskets carrying even more stuff.  Ben made an online how-to instructions manual for how to build the Kabrit here.

We treacherously rode down the hill to Jillian and my’s new place, as every Haitian we passed pointed and laughed.  But I have to admit, these bikes saved us.  If it weren’t for them, moving would have been no fun whatsoever, and the two trips it took us to move all of our stuff would have likely taken 10 instead.  Not to mention, after we were finished Ben helped refill the propane tanks for our stove, see the awesomeness below:

We’ll post soon with pictures of the ti kay.  We’re pretty stoked about it.


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The Vicious Miss Luna

This is the vicious Miss Luna, our friends, Ben and Alexis’ cat.  She’s not that vicious actually, she’s more like the sweetest cat ever.  EXCEPT when she gets out of the house in the middle of the night and jumps on top of our tent scaring the holy bejeezus out of us.

Luna is strangely similar to my Mom’s cat in almost every way.  The first reason is that they both have the same name.  The second is that they look exactly the same.  The third is that they are both feisty.  It’s kinda nice to have a little slice of home every once in a while.

On another note, Jillian and I went to our old house to look for our cat, Lulu, again today.  We had heard rumors that she might have survived the earthquake (in which we were sure had been her untimely demise) and was living in the rubble of the house.  We went today and saw two cats, neither of which were Lulu.  We walked all around the house calling for her but saw nothing.  Kind of a bummer, but nothing we weren’t expecting.

We’ll probably check one more time when we finally get the chance to dig some of the stuff we lost in the house out of the rubble.  That has been delayed for now as the organization that Jillian used to work for isn’t allowing us to do it.  It’s hard to see where our room used to be, see a pick-axe sitting right next to it, and not be able to start digging.  Even if nothing is really recoverable, it would be nice to just have that closure.

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