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A little girl, who lost her leg in the earthquake, looks at a group of children playing at the tent camp in Corail.


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Port-au-Prince is a 0% handicap accessible city, so when the earthquake left thousands of victims without limbs it took away almost everything.  For Fabienne Jean, losing her leg took away more than just her mobility, it took away her passion.  As a ballet dancer she had done shows all around the capital, and she had even been in a commercial for one of the cell phone carriers here, according to this article.

But she still has hope.  She told us that she wants to dance again, and hopefully with time it can happen.  She will be receiving a prosthetic leg once her stump has healed fully and can handle it.  But until then she sits happily on a chair in front of her house, because according to her, she’s just happy to be alive.

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