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If you would have told me a year ago that moving to Haiti would result in us become one of those “Cat People” who has a ton of cats running around their house, I would have never believed you.  But Beatrice made that dream come true yesterday by giving birth to a healthy litter of four little kittens.

It all began in our backyard garden, as just when I was getting ready to leave to run some errands I found Beatrice laying under a small bush with two new additions to her family.  I freaked out and called Jillian to ask her what to do next, as giving birth out in the open with Bumble Bea (her other, older kitten) jumping around and batting at the newborn kittens didn’t seem like the best situation.  I took out an empty box and put a towel in it, and Beatrice moved the two kittens there, and then had two more!


The five of them are safely holed up in the box in our living room, and even though the little kittens cry all the time (the bags under our eyes this morning was proof of that), they are a welcome addition, and it’s exciting that all four of them appear to be healthy and thriving.  Now please excuse me as Bob Barker is on the phone, we’re discussing plans to get this momma spayed!


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