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File this under “yet another awesome flower sprouting up in our backyard.”  This is in a big bunch of orchid plants hanging from a tree branch above our porch, and thank god they’re hanging.  If not, Olie would have eaten each and every one of them.


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I was sitting on the couch one afternoon about a week ago when I heard a knock on the door.  “Bon swa (good afternoon),” it was the architect that’s in charge of rebuilding the houses next door that collapsed in the earthquake.  He’s an older white man, with a white beard and a balding head, and he speaks very little English, preferring to speak in French or Spanish.

“Come here,” he said.  I started to wonder why I was in trouble.  Had the massive amounts of Olie poop in the driveway finally pissed off our neighbors?  He stepped just outside our door and looked up into the tree standing there.  “Look,” he said with a French accent as he pointed to a plant hanging off the trunk.  “En la noche (in the night),” he said going back and forth between languages, “magnificant!” He kissed his fingers as if he had just finished a masterpiece.

I looked at the plant and didn’t understand, it was simply long green thick leaves hanging unspectacularly from the tree.  “Huh?” I responded.  He said, “Dis plant, at night, the flower is magnificent.”  He pointed to a large bud that I hadn’t noticed before, about 3 inches long and light pink.  “Tonight?” I asked.  “No, no, no, maybe tomorrow, maybe…after (he couldn’t find the words to say “the day after tomorrow”).

“What is it called?” I asked, knowing that this questions was going to really test his language skills.  “La Dama de Noche,” he responded.  “I don’t know how you say…” he searched for the words in English, “…it’s like ‘prostitute’, maybe a “women in the night.” “Lady of the Night?” I asked him.  “Yes!” he said emphatically, and then said, “Watch! Maybe 9, maybe midnight,” and then walked away.  He’s a strange man.

Surely enough, two nights later around 9pm the flower bloomed.  I was skeptical thinking that a flower would really encourage me to knock on someone’s door to let them know it was coming, but it totally makes sense now.  The gorgeous white flower was about 3 inches wide, and had what looked like tentacles coming from behind it.

The next night I went out to see it again, and the bud had withered and died, the flower had done its job.  Seeing this flower was really cool, I didn’t know there were flowers that bloomed at night, but now every other flower that sticks around all day for weeks (or months) seems much less interesting.  It was sad that this “magnificant” flower was only around for just one night, but at the same time it makes the experience that much more wonderful knowing that for just a couple of hours a month, you have the chance to see something so beautiful.

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Flower Power

Every time I sit on our porch I see something new.  These orchids grow out of hanging pots in the garden and are practically hidden if you’re not looking for them.  But why not?  God forbid this house got any better…

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