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Karen, Jillian and I took a hike in Kenscoff with Olie last week and the view was spectacular.  Of course, 15 minutes after I took this picture the mountaintop we were standing on was engulfed in a thunderstorm cloud, and we had to slip and slide down the muddy trails to our car as inches of water were being dumped everywhere and lightning was crashing all around us.  It would not be a day here in Haiti without you risking your life, one way or another.


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Whenever we have a car on the weekends, Jillian and I take the time to hike with Olie up the mountains of Kenscoff, about 45 minutes south of PAP.  About a month ago we went with Ben and Alexis, and the clouds surrounding the mountaintops had made it appear that we had reached the end of the world, almost like if you kept going you would just fall forever.  Pictured above is Ben, Alexis, Jillian, and Olie, staring into the abyss and enjoying some almonds, dried fruit, and puppy treats.  I’ll let you decide who was eating what…

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