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I went to the island of Ile a Vache with some friends of ours last weekend, and it was pretty amazing.  Ile a Vache, which is a 30 minutes boat ride from the southern coastal city of Les Cayes, has no roads, no shops, and just beach.  It was pretty amazing all together, but this picture above seemed to portray everything that is good in the world: about 20 langoustine (kinda like lobster), and a bottle of Barbancourt rum (5 star).  If this was a math problem, this is how I would break this equation down:

20 Langoustine + 1 bottle of Barbancourt = Heaven
20 Langoustine – 1 bottle of Barbancourt = Still pretty awesome (but I’m thirsty…)
1 bottle of Barbancourt – 20 Langoustine = I’m hungry (but tipsy!)
20 Langoustine × 1 bottle of Barbancourt = OMG, THE POSSIBILITIES!!!

I’m not sure how you would logistically multiply the two, but if some physicist somewhere figured out how to achieve that he would be a Nobel Laureate in about 10 seconds flat.  Bottom line, this combination is killer…in the best possible way.


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