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I went to the island of Ile a Vache with some friends of ours last weekend, and it was pretty amazing.  Ile a Vache, which is a 30 minutes boat ride from the southern coastal city of Les Cayes, has no roads, no shops, and just beach.  It was pretty amazing all together, but this picture above seemed to portray everything that is good in the world: about 20 langoustine (kinda like lobster), and a bottle of Barbancourt rum (5 star).  If this was a math problem, this is how I would break this equation down:

20 Langoustine + 1 bottle of Barbancourt = Heaven
20 Langoustine – 1 bottle of Barbancourt = Still pretty awesome (but I’m thirsty…)
1 bottle of Barbancourt – 20 Langoustine = I’m hungry (but tipsy!)
20 Langoustine × 1 bottle of Barbancourt = OMG, THE POSSIBILITIES!!!

I’m not sure how you would logistically multiply the two, but if some physicist somewhere figured out how to achieve that he would be a Nobel Laureate in about 10 seconds flat.  Bottom line, this combination is killer…in the best possible way.


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Duvalier’s lawyers decided to call a press conference yesterday to discuss the case against their client, and here’s a quick synopsis of what they said:

1. Duvalier is innocent!
2. The statute of limitations has run out for him to be charged!!!
3. The courts have messed up, so he can no longer be charged!!!!!
(the number of exclamation points indicate how emphatically the statement was made)

That’s pretty much it, nothing we haven’t heard over and over again before.  Because of that, I’m going to leave to leave it at that, and just make this a “Picture of the Day”.

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Soooooooo, Bumble Bea has been coming back to our house pretty much everyday since we returned her to her 4 year-old owner, but we’re not complaining!  Right around 10am every morning she trots in the back door like clockwork, wrestles with her mom, and then the two of them hop on a chair in our living room and zonk out.  They wake up around 2ish, wrestle some more, and then we bring her back to her real home.  She really is about the cutest thing in the world, and the fact that she also spoons with her mom solidifies that fact even more.

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A child peeks around a support beam in a tent camp in Leogane, which was the epicenter of the earthquake.  90% of houses there were damaged or destroyed in the earthquake.

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A little girl, who lost her leg in the earthquake, looks at a group of children playing at the tent camp in Corail.

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When Duvalier moves, the only way to keep up is by motorcycle.  That’s why our trusty chariot, Pinotage, has been working overtime to make sure that we get the best images to cover the story.  The photo above was taken by photographer Andrés Martínez Casares while we were traveling with Duvalier’s motorcade from the courthouse back to the hotel where he was staying. That’s Duvalier’s car right behind my head, and what you can’t see is that there are about 25 motorcycles all weaving in and out of the motorcade taking pictures and shooting video.  What you can see in the photo is some perfect motorcycle-driving-form, and the use of the proper safety equipment.  Bottom line, the photo is awesome.

You can see more of Andres’ work at his website here: www.martinezcasares.com

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This photo is pretty self-explanatory.  Standing in the middle of Delmas, which is one of the main roads that cuts through Port-au-Prince, there was this boy selling balloon animals.  Now, you can buy practically anything in the streets of PAP, from car chargers to clothing to blenders, but this, for me, was a first.  I suppose he looked at his target group of consumers and saw a gap in the balloon animal industry, and then quickly pounced on the opportunity to sell clowns in Haiti what they desperately need to do their jobs.  I kid, and it’s nice to see someone trying to spread a little joy around here, even if it is one balloon sword at a time.  Now if only we could get him to smile…

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