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In an effort to promote free speech in the blogosphere, and open up a discussion, I’ve decided to post a comment I recently received regarding a post I did last September about Giant supermarket in Petionville (you can see it HERE).  The post was a satirical look at the economic disparity in PAP, and how this new grocery store seemed to portray that perfectly.  Secondarily, the post focused on the guilt that I feel by having the opportunity to shop at a place like that, all while over 800,000 Haitians still live in tents (some just blocks from this grocery store).

I think that’s pretty legit, but this commenter clearly felt I was wrong:

This article is utter BS!!! Frank..You must be a Lavalas supporter. That kind of logic has become all too familiar.

Every haitian who’s ever held a job in Haiti should be appaled by these moronic assertions. We all know Haiti has been, is and always will be a study in the greatest contrasts and disparities; however we should not remain a nation of NGOs, handouts and rubble forever. Ironically, this completed project symbolizes one the few positive steps taken in the Haitian capital since that cataclysmic day. Think about the dozens of people who are employed by Giant. The hundreds of relatives who rely on these meager incomes for survival.
Why should everything in Haiti be a s***hole?
Where’s the damn outrage in neighboring countries over these similar projects.
Shame on you Loser!!!
Haiti needs more entrepreneurs like these guys to create more jobs, not all-knowing a**holes like Frank who resent any form of progress in Haiti.

Yes..That beautiful Market will thrive in Haiti and it is not out of place.


Note: I went ahead and starred out some of the words…

So, there are a couple of points that I would like to make before I open this up to you guys.

1. Giant is awesome
2. Lavalas is the political party Aristide started (in case you didn’t know)
3. I agree with the commenter that Haiti “should not remain a nation of NGOs, handouts and rubble forever”.
4. Giant created jobs, which is truly great, but….
5. In my opinion, Giant is not an example of progress after the earthquake.  Construction of Giant began way before the earthquake, and “entrepreneurs like these guys” who are going to make gobs of money selling groceries to people like me, all while paying their workers “meager incomes for survival”, didn’t decide to open their doors to help reconstruct Haiti.  It was to make money.  Maybe they should give their workers a livable wage, that’s progress.

Other than that, I’m at a loss.  I’m assuming this is just a result of the commenter missing the point of the post, and for some reason concluding that my “article” was an effort to portray my hatred for progress in Haiti.  This comment is also likely the product of the fact that if you google “Giant Supermarket Haiti”, our blog is the first thing that pops up, and someone actually looking for information on Giant found this post joking about it instead.  Either way, they missed the point completely, and decided to send hateful comments my way as a result.

I know this is slightly petty, but I’ve posted this for two reasons.  First, I would love to hear if anyone else out there feels the same way that 245ynot does, as it would be interesting to hear a different side to this.  Second, this is just an open announcement that in the future I will NOT be allowing comments with language, and immature name-calling like this on the blog (unless, of course, I called you an immature name in the post:-).

I’m all for free speech, and I can take criticism with the best of them, but I also don’t start conversations with people who call me a “loser”, “a**hole”, and a “moron” when I meet them for the first time.  There’s a way to have a legitimate discussion about issues affecting Haiti on this blog, but comments like this are not the way to do it.


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